Committed to
a better world
Case concepts - Sustainability


We have extensive experience in working with customers to develop and implement material compliance plans to meet their restricted substance requirements and obligations.

We subscribe to the web based platform BOMCheck to communicate material regulatory compliance data with our customers.


Case Concepts' Better-World Commitment

We design our working processes in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner because we care about the planet we live on and the people who inhabit it.

For instance, we believe that gender equality is an essential foundation for a peaceful, equitable and sustainable world. 72% of our workforce are women, many of whom hold key positions within our company, such as production or factory managers.

Additionally, Case Concepts supports an orphanage in Vietnam which houses about 150 children. As these children turn 18 years of age, training, skill attainment, and equal pay employment opportunities are offered to those who would so choose to avail themselves.

We strongly believe that creating a strong business and building a better world are complementary goals – moreover, they are are both essential ingredients for long term success.

Peace of Mind

With 100% ownership of our manufacturing facilities and our unwavering commitment to the quality of our products and processes, your product is assured to meet your levels of quality, consistency, traceability and cost-effectiveness, bringing you Peace of Mind, from Concept to Delivery.