Peace of mind

from concept to delivery

Case Concepts International Method (CCI Method)

Being the manufacturing partner of leading global companies since 1995, has allowed us to develop a ‘unique value creation process’ that assures cost efficiency, quality consistency and supply reliability for all of the products that we create for our customers. We call it the CCI Method.


Our value creation process


Our team will work with you to gain full understanding of your specific product requirements and market environment. Using this knowledge, we will endeavour to create the case that you have envisioned whilst optimizing the design for an efficient manufacturing process.

We approach every project from a practical perspective, utilizing a variety of design tools and methodologies at each development stage, keeping you fully involved from the initial concept discussions to the final design approval.

We work alongside you throughout the different stages of the process to create the exclusive custom-made design that fits your unique product. With quick construction samples turnaround, we then proceed to produce the prototype and specifications that you need for approval, testing and production runs.

Our ‘Product Development’ team will accompany you along the way and ensure a smooth handover to our ’Production’ and ‘Quality Assurance’ teams.

As 100% owners of our factories, we guarantee high quality production standards in accordance with ISO guidelines that are continually monitored and improved. Multiple customers have made site audits and have approved our facilities to satisfactorily meet their criteria.

Your production will rely on high-end technology, state-of-the art equipment and new techniques that enable a streamlined manufacturing process, minimum percentage of defects and maximum cost-effectiveness. In essence, we strive to minimize risk while maximizing value, just one of the ways that we bring Peace of Mind to our customers.

As your partners, we work with you to define the production and supply program that best fits your short, medium and long-term needs, from production to delivery.

We are able to perform shipment palletization and shrink wrapping, retail-ready packaging and bar-coded labelling, tailored to your specific needs.

If so desired, we are able to handle all of the communication with the freight forwarders, customs agencies and domestic carriers to ensure on time delivery.

A dedicated customer care representative will monitor your personalized program, to ensure that you have the stock you require at all times, along with checking that each delivery meets the quality and timing requirements previously agreed with you. Every single case that comes out of our factories is 100% traceable, so that we can address any eventuality that might occur.


Your brand reputation is safe with us